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[etree]Sardine Head Live at STAR PINE'S CAFE on 2007-10-10 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 (One Set All) 01.Block Signal 02.new song 03.Cream Cheese Cake 04.MC.Jo-ji 05.Killfish Dance > 06.Beg 07.Romanchica 08.Soil
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 366
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2006-05-03 - Sardine Head
Sardine Head 2006-05-03 Crocodile, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan Disc 1 Set 1 01.Improv* >Moving Set 2 02.Rise Sunrise 03.Shuffle 04.Swan Dive (New Tune, First time played) Disc 2 Set 2 Cont. 01.Trick Cycling** 02.Yellow Tale 03.New Tune (First time played) 04.Half Sunset 05.E1: Loop 06.E2: Strip Star Notes: *1st set started w/ each member's solo, became duo in changing partner then played trio in some of combinations but never played all in same time...
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 437
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Grape Fruit Moon on 2005-12-10 - Sardine Head
01. Chi Chi Boo Cement 02. Trick Cycling 03. Plastic Paradice 04. Killifish Dance 05. Yellow Tale 06. Romanchica
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 5,333
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Oshino Dead 2010 - Fumottopara on 2010-07-23 - Sardine Head
01.Dark Star 02.Help On The Way > Slipknot > 03.Franklin's Tower 04.MC 05.Unbroken Chain
Downloads: 255
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2012-05-13 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Untitled 02.Untitled > 03.Fusion 04.Killifish Dance 05.MC 06.Leap Frog > 07.Nelson 08.Interlude 09.Blow Ripple 10.MC 11.River The Wild 12.MC 13.Block Signal Encore 14.MC 15.Soil
Downloads: 58
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2008-11-12 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01. Yellow Tale 02. Beg 03. Go Get Your Lemon > 04. Bamboo Baby 05. The Ending Set 2 01. Shuffle * 02. Trick Cycling * 03. Killifish Dance * 04. MC 05. Cream Cheese Cake * 06. MC 07. Untitled 08. Block Signal > 09. Soil 10. Crowd, MC Encore 11. Interlude > Drum Solo > 12. Chi Chi Booooo 13. Loop *
Downloads: 69
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2010-07-15 - Sardine Head
Disc1/Set 1 01.Shuffle 02.Fusion 03.Killifish Dance 04.Interlude 2 > 05.Romanchica 06.Nelson Disc2/Set2 01.Shuffle Reprise* 02.Preparation** 03.Goose Bumps* 04.世界遺産のテーマ(World Heritage Theme)*** 05.MC 06.Block Signal* 07.Soil 08.crowd Encore 09.Loop*
Downloads: 322 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[etree]Sardine Head Live at STAR PINE'S CAFE on 2007-06-05 - Sardine Head
01. Cream Cheese Cake 02. MC 03. Block Signal 04. MC 05. Beg 06. Chi Chi Booooo 07. MC 08. Soil
Downloads: 11,161
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Akamatsu House on 2011-10-29 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Improvisation > 02.Nelson 03.Rise Sunrise 04.Trick Cycling 05.MC 06.Chi Chi Booooo 0.Soil Set 2 01.38 Pieces 02.MC 03.River The Wild 04.MC 05.Killifish Dance 06.Interlude 2 07.Goose Bumps 08.MC 09.Blow Ripple 10.MC 11.Encore: Loop 12.crowd 13.MC 14.Encore:The Ending
Downloads: 80
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Farmhouse on 2010-09-25 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.improv 02.Fusion 03.MC 04.Chichibooooo 05.MC 06.Untitled 07.MC 08.Killifish Dance 09.MC 10.田園の東(Denen No Higashi) 11.MC 12.Romanchica Set 2 01.Tuning 02.MC 03.38 Pieces 04.Rise Sunrise 05.MC 06.Interlude 2> 07.Goose Bumps 08.MC 09.Nelson 10.MC 11.Soil 12.crowd Encore 13.MC 14.Fire On The Mountain w/Lena on Vo. 15.Loop
Downloads: 113
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2012-08-10 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.38 Pieces 02.Untitled 03.River The Wild 04.Goose Bumps 05.Nelson Set 2 01.Improv* > 02.Shuffle 03.Yellow Tail 04.Leap Frog > 05.Killifish Dance 06.Loop 07.Soil 08.Encore: Blow Ripple
Downloads: 47
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Cabooze on 2010-11-24 - Sardine Head
Disc 1 : (1st set) 01.Yellow Tale 02.Killifish Dance 03.MC Jo-ji 04.Untitled 05.Cream Cheese Cake 06.Trick Cycling 07.MC Takashi 08.Nelson Disc 2 : (2nd set) 01.Goose Bumps 02.Bamboo Baby 03.MC Takashi and Jo-ji 04.Untitled 05.Soil 06.crowd / MC Takashi (Encore) 07.Romanchica 08.Yellow Tale
Keywords: Live Concert; Sardine Head; Jam
Downloads: 112
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2008-06-20 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01. The Ending * 02. MC 03. Romanchica 04. MC 05. Trick Cycling 06. MC 07. Yellow Tale 08. Dream Man Set 2 01. MC 02. New Tune ** 03. Killifish Dance 04. Interlude > 05. Endorphine 06. MC 07. Block Signal 08. Soil 09. encore crowd banter 10. Movin'
Downloads: 125
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Star Pine's Cafe on 2009-08-21 - Sardine Head
Disc1 (One Set All) 01:Fusion 02:MC 03:Bamboo Baby 04:Interlude 2 05:The Ending 06:Block Signal
Downloads: 66
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2009-05-14 - Sardine Head
1 Set Disc 1/2 01.Goose Bumps 02.Bamboo Baby 03.Block Signal 04.Tele Tele Television 05.The Ending 06.MC Disc 2/2 01.Fusion 02.Soil 03.Movin'* 04.Crowd 05.Encore 1: Trick Cycling** 06.Encore 2: Killifish Dance
Downloads: 59
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Oshino Dead 2010 - Fumotoppara on 2010-07-23 - Sardine Head
1 Dark Star 2 Help On The Way > Slipknot > 3 Franklin's Tower 4 mc 5 Unbroken Chain
Downloads: 196
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2013-04-23 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Improv>Romanchica > 02.Rogers 03.MC 04.River The Wild 05.MC 06.Moss 07.Untitled > 08.New Spiral 09.Blow Ripple 10.MC Encore 11.Encore: Trip On
Downloads: 71
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Oshino Dead 2012 - Fumotoppara on 2012-07-16 - Sardine Head
(One Set All) 01.King Kong 02.Eyes of the World 03.King Solomon's Marbles 04.On The Bright Side Of The Road 05.Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Downloads: 245
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Moon Step on 2006-09-16 - Sardine Head
Sardine Head 2006-09-16 Moon Step, Nakanoku, Tokyo, Japan 1 set Disc 1 01.Untitled 02.Block Signal 03.Yellow Tale 04.Shuffle 05.Trick Cycling > 06.Movin' 07.Encore: Killifish Dance
Downloads: 1,058
[etree]Sardine Head Live at POWERS 2 on 2010-09-05 - Sardine Head
Disc 1 (One Set All) 1.Shuffle 2.Fusion 3.Turbo Engine 4.new song 5.Trick Cycling 6.Goose Bumps 7.MC. Jo-ji with music > 8.Nelson 9.Soil Disc 2 (Encore) 1.crowd 2.Block Signal
Keywords: Sardine Head; Live Concert; Jam Band
Downloads: 102
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Earth Embassy / Solar Cafe on 2008-07-20 - Sardine Head
Disc1 01.Yellow Trick Tale 02.Killifish Dance 03.The Ending 04.Chi Chi Booooo 05.38 Pieces Disc2 01.MC 02.Interlude > 03.Soil 04.Block Signal Encore 05.Loop
Downloads: 120
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Heaven's Door on 2013-05-31 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Trip On 02.MC 03.Sun Day 04.New Spiral 05.River The Wild 06.MC 07.Beg 08.Blow Ripple
Downloads: 41
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Asagiri Tenkuu Maturi - Stage Tenn on 2008-09-06 - Sardine Head
Yellow Tale 38 Pieces Cream Cheese Cake Beg MC Chi Chi Booooo MC Interlude > Soil* The Ending Block Signal
Downloads: 504
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Tsukimiru Kimiomou on 2008-12-05 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 (Set1) 01.Bamboo Baby 02.Endorphine 03.MC 04.Tele Tele☆ Television 05.Beg (Set2) 06.Killifish Dance 07.38 Pieces Disc:2 (Set2 cont) 01.MC 02.Untitled 03.Go Get Your Lemon 04.Soil 05.The Ending 06.MC 07.Dream Man Grabs The Rabbit 08.crowd Encore 09.MC 10.Interlude > 11.Drum Solo > 12.Block Signal
Downloads: 121
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Asagiri Tenkuu Maturi - Stage Koo on 2009-08-28 - Sardine Head
Set 1 (Disc:1) 01.MC 02.38 Pieces 03.MC 04.Fusion 05.MC 06.Untitled 07.Killifish Dance 08.Tele Tele Television 09.MC 10.Goose Bumps> (Disc:2) 01.Interlude 2 > 02.The Ending 03.Soil 04.Yellow Trick Tale 05.crowd (Encore) 06.Encore:MC 07.Encore:Block Signal> 08.Encore:Loop
Downloads: 67
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2011-06-23 - Sardine Head
Set 1 (Disc:1) 01.38 Pieces 02.MC 03.River The Wild 04.MC 05.Trick Cycling 06.MC 07.Fusion (Disc:2) 01.MC 02.Untitled 03.Movin' 04.Soil 05.Yellow Tale 06.MC 07.Goose Bumps 08.crowd 09.Encore:MC 10.Encore:Untitled*
Downloads: 85
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2009-05-14 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 Set 1 01.Goose Bumps 02.MC 03.Bamboo Baby 04.MC 05.Block Signal 06.MC 07.Tele Tele Television 08.The Ending 09.MC Disc:2 (Set 1 Cont) 01.Fusion 02.Soil 03.MC 04.Movin'* Encore 1 05.MC 06.Trick Cycling** Encore 2 07.Crowd>MC 08.Killifish Dance
Downloads: 58
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Heaven's Door on 2009-11-07 - Sardine Head
01:Goose Bumps 02:Fusion 03:MC 04:Interlude 2 > 05:FUNK 06:The Ending
Downloads: 66
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2009-02-10 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Go Get Your Lemon 02.Shuffle 03.MC 04.Beg 05.MC 06.Tele Tele Television 07.MC 08.Untitled 09.Romanchica 10.MC 11.Killifish Dance 12.Block Signal 13.Interlude > Drum Solo > 14.The Ending (Encore) 15.MC 16.Encore: Movin'
Downloads: 58
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2010-12-30 - Sardine Head
Set1 Disc1 01. MC 02. Spiral 03. Fusion 04. Killifish Dance 05. Romanchica 06. Nelson Set2 Disc2 01. The Ending 02. Plastic Paradise 03. Funk 04. MC 05. Yellow Tale * 06. River The Wild * 07. Soil Set3 Disc3 01. MC 02. 世界遺産のテーマ(World Heritage Theme) ** 03. Goose Bumps ** 04. MC 05. Shuffle *** 06. Loop *** 07. Crowd Encore 08. Block Signal
Downloads: 88
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2011-09-30 - Sardine Head
(One set all) 01.Romanchica 02.Rise Sunrise 03.River The Wild 04.MC 05.Interlude 2 06.Shuffle 07.Killifish Dance 08.Blow Ripple
Downloads: 82
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Club Fleez on 2009-06-20 - Sardine Head
(One set all) Disc1 01.Romanchica 02.Funk 03.Fusion 04.Cream Cheese Cake 05.Goose Bumps Disc2 01.Killifish Dance 02:MC 03:Bamboo Baby 04:Dream Man Grabs The Rabbit 05:Soil 06:The Ending 07:Block Signal 08:Crowd Encore: 09:Pool > 10:Loop
Downloads: 63
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yoyogi park outdoor stage on 2006-12-17 - Sardine Head
Disc 1 (One Set All) 1. Shuffle 2. Trick Cycling 3. Block Signal 4. Killifish Dance 5. 38 Pieces
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 229
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers 2 on 2012-03-30 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.MC 02.Untitled 03.Untitled* 04.Romanchica 05.MC 06.Nelson 07.River The Wild 08.Shuffle > 09.Goose Bumps 10.Blow Ripple
Downloads: 54
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Rock Joint GB on 2013-05-21 - Sardine Head
Set1 01.Improv>Untitled 02.New Spiral 03.River The Wild 05.MC 06.Chi Chi Booooo 07.The Moss 08.Goose Bumps 09.Trip On
Downloads: 39
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2010-07-15 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Shuffle 02.MC 03.Fusion 04.Killifish Dance 05.Interlude 2 >Drum Solo> 06.Romanchica 07.MC 08.Nelson Set 2 01.Shuffle Reprise* 02.MC 03.Preparation** 04.Goose Bumps* 05.MC 06. 世界遺産のテーマ(World Heritage Theme)*** 07.MC 08.Block Signal* 09.MC 10.Soil 11.crowd (Encore) 12.MC 13.Encore: Loop*
Downloads: 55
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2007-05-16 - Sardine Head
1 Set Disc 1 01.Romanchica 02.Naked Star 03.38 Pieces 04.Trick Cycling 05.Cream Cheese Cake Disc 2 01.Loop 02.Soil 03.Block Signal 04.Encore: Yellow Tale
Downloads: 293
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2008-06-20 - Sardine Head
Disc 1 / Set 1 01.The Ending* 02.Romanchica 03.Trick Cycling 04.Yellow Tale 05.Dream Man Grabs The Rabit Disc 2 / Set 2 01.MC 02.New Tune** 03.Killifish Dance 04.Interlude > 05.Endorphine 06.MC 07.Block Siganal 08.Soil 09.Crowd 10:E: Movin'
Downloads: 73
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Fumottopara on 2011-07-17 - Sardine Head
Disc 1 : (One set all) 01.Eyes Of The World 02.Lady with a Fan > Terrapin Station > Terrapin > 03.Sardine Transit > 04.At a Siding > Terrapin Flyer > Refrain 05.MC. Jo-ji & Genji 06.Scarlet Begonias > 07.Fire On The Mountain 08.Muroken & MC. Jo-ji 09.Ship of Fools
Downloads: 357 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[etree]Sardine Head Live at The Akamatsu on 2009-10-24 - Sardine Head
Disc1 Set1 01:Improvisation 02:Rise Sunrise 03:Fusion 04:Goose Bumps 05:Soil 06:Block Signal Disc2 Set2 01:Killifish Dance 02:Beg 03:Trick Cycling 04:MC 05:Helpless* 06:Fire On The Mountain* 07:Interlude 2 > 08:The Ending 09:encore break Disc3 Encore 01:Movin' 02:Loop 03:38 Pieces
Downloads: 81
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Oshino Dead 2010 on 2010-07-23 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.MC 02.Dark Star 03.Help On The Way > 04.Slipknot > 05.Franklin's Tower 06.MC 07.Unbroken Chain 08.MC
Downloads: 124
[etree]Sardine Head Live at CROCODILE on 2007-12-30 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.MC 02.Loop 03.Cream Cheese Cake 04.MC 05.Plastic Paradise 06.38 Pieces 07.MC 08.Yellow Trick Tail 09.Killifish Dance 10.MC 11.Untitled Set 2 01.MC 02.Shuffle 03.Turbo Engine 04.Romanchica 05.Dream Man 06.Den Yen No Higashi 07.Red* 08.Funk 09.MC 10.Block Signal 11.Soil 12.Crowd 13.Encore 1: Strip Star 14.Encore 2: Movin'
Downloads: 241
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2011-05-23 - Sardine Head
Set 1 (Disc:1) 01.Shuffle 02.MC 03.River The Wild 04.Goose Bumps 05.Trick Cycling 06.MC 07.Untitled 08.Nelson 09.MC 10.Yellow Tale 11.crowd (Disc:2) 01.Encore: 02.Encore: Soil
Downloads: 56
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2008-11-12 - Sardine Head
Disc 1 1 Set 01.Yellow Tale 02.MC 03.Beg 04.Go Get Your Lemon > 05.Bamboo Baby 06.The Ending 2 Set 07.Shuffle* 08.Trick Cycling* 09.Killifish Dance* 10.MC Disc 2 01.Cream Cheese Cake* 02.MC 03.Untitled 04.Block Signal 05.Soil 06.Crowd,MC Encore 07.Interlude > 08.Drum Solo > 09.Chi Chi Booooo 10.Loop*
Downloads: 90
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2012-09-06 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Improvisation > 02.New Spiral 03.River The Wild 04.Untitled 05.Nelson > 06.Spiral 07.MC 08.Blow Ripple 09.crowd 10.MC 11.Encore1: Shuffle* 12.Encore2: Killifish Dance*
Downloads: 143
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2009-01-31 - Sardine Head
Disc 1/Set 1 01.Cream Cheese Cake 02.38 Pieces* 03.MC 04.Tele Tele Television 05.Romanchica 06.Untitled Disc 2/Set 2 01.Tuning 02.Killifish Dance 03.Go Get Your Lemon* 04.Interlude > Drum Solo > 05.Soil 06.MC 07.The Ending 08.Encore Break 09.Encore: 田園の東(Denen No Higashi) > 10.Block Signal
Downloads: 74
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Asagiri Tenkoo Maturi - Stage Koo on 2009-08-28 - Sardine Head
Set 1 (Disc:1) 01.Bamboo Baby(Sound Check) 02.MC 03.38 Pieces 04.MC 05.Fusion 06.MC 07.Untitled 08.Killifish Dance 09.Tele Tele Television (Disc:2) 01.MC 02.Goose Bumps> 03.Interlude 2 > 04.Drum Solo>The Ending 05.Soil 06.MC 07.Yellow Trick Tale 08.crowd Encore 09.Encore:MC 10.Encore:Block Signal> 11.Encore:Loop
Downloads: 77
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Star Pine's Cafe on 2009-07-15 - Sardine Head
01.Shuffle 02.Beg 03.MC 04.Untitled* 05.MC 06.Fusion 07.Soil 08.MC 09.Chi Chi Booooo 10.crowd,MC 11.Encore: Goose Bumps
Downloads: 71
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2008-11-12 - Sardine Head
Disc1 Set1 01:Yellow Tale 02:Beg 03:Go Get Your Lemon > 04:Bamboo Baby 05:The Ending Set2 06:Shuffle* 07:Trick Cycling* 08:Killifish Dance* 09:MC 10:Cream Cheese Cake* Disc2 Set2 cont. 01:MC 02:Untitled 03:Block Signal 04:Soil 05:crowd Encore 06:Interlude > Drum Solo > 07:Chi Chi Booooo 08:Loop*
Downloads: 73
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2006-10-10 - Sardine Head
Sardine Head 2006-10-10 Yukotopia, Adachiku, Tokyo, Japan 1Set Disc 1 01.Block Signal 02.Shuffle 03.Dakar 04.Imrov > 05.Yellow Tale Disc 2 01.Romanchica 02.Loop 03.Trick Cycling 04.Encore: Half Sunset
Downloads: 304
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